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2021-2022 Academic Catalog 
2021-2022 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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AE 1112 - Ceramics for Educators: RMCAD Residency

Credits: 3

This introductory-level hybrid course provides basic skills and conceptual ideas within ceramics. The course is split into two parts over an 8-week term. Part I is facilitated through the online learning management system (LMS). Part II is a hands-on experience accomplished through a campus week-long RMCAD Residency where students explore basic hand-building and wheel throwing techniques through the application and manipulation of low fire clay. Primary glaze techniques and the use of an electric kiln are addressed. Upon successful completion of this course, students demonstrate a historical knowledge of clay manipulation, use of basic ceramic tools and techniques, and an understanding of safety requirements and practices used in the ceramics studio.

Prerequisites: FD 2130 - 3D Design: Space + Materiality  

Course Learning Outcomes:
  • Demonstrate the application of basic hand-building and wheel-throwing techniques.  
  • Define basic ceramic vocabulary, techniques, and ideas that can be translated to a 2D or 3D form. 
  • Identify safety requirements regarding ceramic studio use. 
  • Illustrate effective communication of artistic concepts and form through class presentations and written assignments.
  • Recognize conceptual and practical uses of surface decoration.

AE 1112 Course Learning Outcome Rubric   

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