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2021-2022 Academic Catalog 
2021-2022 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

4-Year Degree Plans by Department

These 4-year degree plans provide the recommended sequencing for completion of degree program requirements. The sequences may need to be modified based on approved transfer credit, the precise start term, and individual student factors. However, students should work to follow their program department course sequence as closely as possible. The sequences are thoughtfully planned to ensure that students are progressing through their courses in ways that best support the acquisition of knowledge and skills to prepare for more advanced coursework. Students are encouraged to work with their Academic Advisor and the scheduling team in the Office of the Registrar when questions arise and to discuss options for elective credits and should there be a need to reschedule a course.

Please refer to the Programs by Department  and Program Requirements lists for complete lists of options for Elective courses.

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2D Animation, 4-Year Plan  

3D Animation, 4-Year Plan  

Art Education

Art Education, Animation Emphasis, 4-Year Plan  

Art Education, Animation Emphasis, Online, 4-Year Plan  

Art Education, Fine Art Emphasis, 4-Year Plan  

Art Education, Graphic Design Emphasis, 4-Year Plan  

Art Education, Graphic Design Emphasis, Online, 4-Year Plan    

Art Education, Illustration Emphasis, 4-Year Plan  

Art Education, Illustration Emphasis, Online, 4-Year Plan  

Fashion Design

Fashion Design, 4-Year Plan  

Fine Arts

Fine Arts, 4-Year Plan  

Game Art

Game Art, 4-Year Plan  

Graphic Design

Graphic Design, 4-Year Plan  


Illustration, 4-Year Plan  

Illustration, Children’s Book Area of Concentration, 4-Year Plan  

Illustration, Concept Art Area of Emphasis, 4-Year Plan  

Illustration, Sequential Art Area of Concentration, 4-Year Plan  

Illustrative Design

Illustrative Design, 4-Year Plan  

Interior Design

Interior Design, 4-Year Plan  

Interior Design, Sustainable Design Specialization, 4 Year Plan   

Music Production

Music Production, 4 Year Plan  


Photography On-Campus, 4-Year Plan  

Photography Online, 4-Year Plan