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2021-2022 Academic Catalog 
2021-2022 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

2021-2022 Academic Catalog Updates

The following is a list of changes and updates that have been made to the catalog during the 2021-2022 academic year. Also look for “last updated” tags in applicable sections of the catalog.


Section where change was made Change that was implemented Effective Date of Change

Financial Aid

Learning at RMCAD + The Multi-Platform Experience>Hardware + Software Requirements for Online Courses

Add Music Production fee February 2021

Registration>Transfer Credit>Undergraduate Transfer Credit Evaluation>1.Accreditation of the Sending Institution

Admissions Policies and Procedures > Portfolio Review for Transfer Credit Guidelines > Paragraph 2

Admissions Policies and Procedures > Admittance/Acceptance > Paragraph 2

Transfer Credit Policy regarding regional/national accreditors. April 2021
Registration: Transfer Credit Update the Transfer Credit policy based on DOE regulations and updates to revise wording (regionally accredited to institutionally) and to expand the range of accredited institutions from which RMCAD may be able to accept credit. May 2021
COVID-19 Addendum Update Covid policies June 2021
Academic Policies All elements of the Attendance policy June 2021
Department of Financial Aid Student Fees: Update information related to Fashion Fees and shipping. Student Payments: Update information about how to manage payments. August 2021
COVID 19 Addendum Revised COVID addendum posted August 26, 2021
Art Education Program Descriptions Add RMCAD_NCSARA and Art Ed Complaint Information October 2021
Admissions Policies + Procedures, Admissions Requirements, College Resources (SLC), Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP - Academic Probation + Suspension for ASP Students, Student Advising Admit Provisional Information - changing the Academic Success Plan (ASP) to the Provisional Academic Success Strategies (PASS) program. October 2021
Admissions Policies + Procedures - Military + Veterans - Military Credit Add statement from VA regarding military experience credits October 2021
Campus Policies Campus hours have been updated. December 2021
Admissions Policies + Procedures > RMCAD Renew Update the Illustrative Design information December 2021
Faculty + Academic Administration Update roster December 2021
Registration > Transfer Credit > Antiquity Policy Update from 2 to 5 years for acceptance of digital media courses December 2021
Academic Policy Add new RMCAD Distance Learning Definition and adjust attendance policies for alignment with DOE regulations December 2021
Student Resources > Student Identification Cards Add information on how to obtain student ID cards for online students December 2021
New Section > 4-Year Degree Plans New section for 4-Year degree plans and links to these plans from all of the program department pages January 2022
Covid-19 Addendum Update link to the full policy document. Update related to CDC quarantine/isolation standards. January 2022
Catalog Home > General Information Update related to ownership and type of college December 2021, January 2022
Covid-19 Addendum PDF removed. Current information will now be maintained on the website; provided link. April 2022
Student Code of Conduct + Student Conduct Process Replace Dean of Students with Conduct Administrator as the main guide through the processes in this section. May 2022
Campus Policies Add Call Monitoring Statement June 2022
Campus Policies>Visitors Add information regarding checking in on campus over the weekend June 2022

Financial Aid/Student Accounts>Outstanding Account Balances and Delinquent Student Accounts

Registration>Trancripts + Diplomas

No longer withholding transcripts, degrees, or diplomas in the case of an overdue account June 2022
Campus Policies>Pets + Assistance/Support Animals>Emotional Support Animals Emotional support animals are no longer allowed on campus at this time June 2022
Campus Policies>Models Utilized or Photographed on Campus Replace prior policy with a new, more detailed policy June 2022
Student Policies + Procedures | Student Information Add name change policy June 2022
Campus Policies Add RMCAD Class + Event Recording Policy June 2022