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2021-2022 Academic Catalog 
2021-2022 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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AE 1160 - Printmaking for Educators

Credits: 3

This introductory-level course provides basic skills and conceptual ideas of printmaking. Printmaking for Educators emphasizes the exploration of traditional and contemporary printmaking techniques with an emphasis on non-toxic methods that can be adapted to the K-12 classroom. Students learn core fundamental technical skills including but not limited to: linocuts, relief collagraphs, and various monotype techniques. Upon successful completion of this course, students will have gained knowledge in the techniques, materials, and proper use of printmaking equipment, which can be translated to a K-12 curriculum. 

Prerequisites: FD 1020 - 2D Design: Elements + Principles  

Course Learning Outcomes:
  • Define basic printmaking skills and ideas that can be translated to a K-12 classroom. 
  • Illustrate conceptual ideas through printmaking processes. 
  • Recognize historical and contemporary processes, concepts and issues that inform the field of printmaking through project work.  
  • Identify safe handling, storage and responsible ecological and biological disposal of printmaking inks and chemicals.

AE 1160 Course Learning Outcome Rubric  


Required Course Materials:
1 sheet – Unmounted Linoleum 5” x 7”, Item #: 40435-2500 $3.75
1 sheet (optional)- Unmounted Linoleum 3” x 4”, 40435-2500 (for testing gouge marks) $1.55
Any unmounted linoleum will work, do not exceed 6” x 8”.
1 set Speedball Linocut set, 40203-1009 - $9.90
Speedball Soft Rubber Brayer, 4”, 40104-1004 _ $12.54
3 sheets Thai Mulberry bleached paper, 25” x 37”, 12286-1010 – 3 @ $4.53 $13.59
This can be purchased in 9” x 12” packs from Amazon, in unbleached (off white)
or bleached (white).
3 sheets Rives Lightweight, 115-gsm paper, cream-white_$3.45 each, 10419-1011
2- 2” Binder Clips
Akua Starter set (ink), 47240-1009 $22.99
Magnesium Carbonate 45218-1002 $8.82
Akua Printmaking Plates (set of 3), 6” x 8”, 47179-1021 $8.53
Etching needle, 45212-0000
Acrylic Sheet for monotype registration, 18973-1012, 12” x 16”, 1/16” $11.12
Glass Plate for mixing ink, ¼” thick, minimum 11” x 14”
An extra acrylic sheet can be used for mixing ink
Stencil Brush, 5/8”, 05167-4058 $1.89
Carbon paper or graphite transfer paper
Tracing paper, 11” x 14” sheets or larger
Newsprint Pad, 12” x 18”, 10311-1046
Any newsprint that is at least 12” x 18” will work
1 sheet .003 mylar, 20” x 25” 55506-1301 $1.07
At least one, (2 or 3 are recommended) Palette Knife/Artist Work Knife 40223-5114 $3.29
Less expensive 1 ¼”-1 ½” models can be found at Home Depot or Harbor Freight
Blick Economy Baren, 42910-1004 $11.62
2- Drawer knobs to make a baren (you will use this more than the large baren), Here is an example of a knob, the diameter can range from 1.75” - 2”:
Metal soup spoon
Small bottle of Gloss medium (matte medium will not work), 4oz Liquitex, 00618-3184 $6.23
1 2B (or softer) pencil
Magic Rub eraser
Scraps of cardstock, various types of paper but no thicker than 2-ply bristol
Small bottle of either white craft glue or wood glue (Elmer’s glue is not strong enough)
Therm-O-Web Peel n Stick Double-Sided Adhesive Sheets, 24132-3155 (any brand will work) $3.68
Chip brush or any type of wide watercolor type brush for coating gloss medium
Spray or pour spout plastic bottle for soap and water cleaning solution
Nail brush for cleaning out linoleum, this may be substituted with any type of cleaning brush
Dish soap (a few drops)
2 yards of Tarlatan,
Old t-shirts for rags
Pair of Latex dishwashing gloves, or several pair of latex or nitrile gloves
X-Acto knife/ #11 blades or Olfa Silver knife
Ultra-Fine Point Sharpie marker
Artist’s tape (Artist’s tape is made for working with paper, it holds well but releases better than masking tape, it is worth the extra cost)
Phone book (Yellow Pages)
Q-Tips (any brand works, I use Target brand). I also like Japanese brands in conjunction with American earbuds. The Japanese brands don’t have as much cotton on the top and make a slightly cleaner line. Here’s what I have been using:
Optional but very helpful Items:
Self-healing cutting mat, any size. If you are purchasing one, get one that has a ½” grid. Dahle makes a good cutting mat, 58983-4866
Brushes for Monotype, these can be old brushes
Bone Folder, 12964-0001
Rubber shelf mat or a bench hook
150 or 220 Sandpaper
White tissue paper (if you use the A La Poupee technique)
Baby wipes
Wax Paper
Scott Shop Towels

Sources for Printmaking Supplies
RMCAD Spectrum:
Dick Blick: General fine art supplies,
McClain’s, Relief supplies:
Meininger’s: 499 Broadway, Denver, 303.698.3838, general fine art materials,
Black Ink Mulberry paper:

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