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2021-2022 Academic Catalog 
2021-2022 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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AE 2220 - Philosophy of Art + Education

Credits: 3

Field experience hours: 10 hours in a public or private school setting. In this introductory art education course, students discuss and analyze philosophical questions to build knowledge of content, concepts, and inquiry in the field of art education. Through the study and evaluation of current developmental science and educational theories, students reflect on art and art education as it connects to students’ holistic learning process. Students will develop interdisciplinary unit lessons and reflect on their field experiences to begin constructing their own personal connection to art and learning. Upon successful completion of this course, students will have developed an individualized philosophy of art and education.

Prerequisites: AE 2215 - Introduction to Art Education ; must be an Art Education major

Notes: Yardsticks: Child and Adolescent Development Ages 4-14 also used in AE 3241 Critical Issues in Art Education

Course Learning Outcomes:
  • Students build knowledge of content, concepts and inquiry through the examination of current issues and approaches in the field of K-12 Art Education.
  • Students study and evaluate current K-12 developmental science and educational theories about the ways in which learning takes place - including levels of intellectual, physical, social, and emotional development of their students.
  • Students engage with the field of K-12 Art Education through teaching observations and involvement in professional organizations. Students develop a personal teaching K- 12 Art Education philosophy.
  • Students examine the dual role of Artist + Educator and how they connect to their own practice.

AE 2220 Course Learning Outcome Rubric  

Required Textbooks:
Experience and Education by John Dewey, ISBN-10:0684838281

Yardsticks: Child and Adolescent Development Ages 4-14 by Chip Wood ISBN-10 1892989891  

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