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2020-2021 Academic Catalog 
2020-2021 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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Photography Department Mission

The BFA in Photography, through pointed and comprehensive coursework, prepares students for careers in the fields of photography & videography. Students emerge from this program with the creative, technical, ethical, and business skills necessary to thrive in the commercial & fine art marketplace.

Photography Department Description

Photography is an expansive and growing profession and as such, RMCAD is pleased to offer a course of study addressing the historical and contemporary photographic processes and critical thinking that will define its future. The BFA in Photography begins by offering core, photo-based, foundational coursework that provides students with baseline skills, serving as a launching pad for the more advanced, narrative-based work. As student’s progress through the curriculum, they are challenged to complete assignments with increased technical, creative, and narrative skills that will insure their success as professionals.

The photography program, through instructional processes in the online and campus-based classrooms, provides the context of the Commercial, Photojournalism, Documentary Cinema, and Fine Art perspectives. Project assignments, research, peer discussions, and industry-based reference points allow students to use the photographic medium that best fits their creative passion as a professional.

Especially important in the Photography BFA is faculty and industry professionals working with students to develop best practices from both a creative and professional perspective. As we are deeply focused on leading students through a process of business development—that is, the components of business structure that includes significant marketing skills—our students emerge from the program ready to enter the marketplace as photography professionals.

Program Outcomes

Photography Program Learning Outcome Rubric  

Students will create well-developed visual aesthetics as they apply to visual communication. 

Students demonstrate competency in photographic craft and storytelling. 

Students Demonstrate critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills through research and a body of work.

Students demonstrate business, communication and marketing skills while meeting real world-expectations. 

Students evaluate and demonstrate industry ethics. 

Students demonstrate critical thinking through historical references and cultural context. 

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