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2020-2021 Academic Catalog 
2020-2021 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

College Resources

The Reception Desk

The Reception Desk is located inside the north entrance on the 1st floor of the Texas building and is staffed during normal business hours. The Reception Desk is the central hub for information and a variety of student and employee services.

Students can drop off pre-stamped mail, pick up lost and found items, communicate with Security or gather current information such as events, galleries and directions. Students can pick up booklets, pamphlets and other RMCAD and local information at the desk.

Students are urged to approach the desk with any questions. Students may also drop off class assignments and projects for their instructors. However, it is the student’s responsibility to inform their instructor that a class assignment/project has been dropped off at the Reception Desk. All assignments/projects must be in an envelope or properly labeled with the student’s and instructor’s names. These assignments/projects will be placed in an internal mailbox or on a shelf in the mail room by the Reception Desk staff member. Students may not access the campus mail room.

The Reception Desk is staffed during normal business hours. To communicate with the Receptionists, chat or email resources@rmcad.edu.

Reception Desk Telephone Messages

The staff at the Reception Desk will take messages if calls are received for students and then will attempt to reach the student through the RMCAD email system. Only in emergency situations will staff attempt to locate students on campus to deliver a message.

Library/Resource Center

The RMCAD Library provides a variety of resources, striving to successfully support the academic needs and scholarly endeavors of our students and faculty.

Our growing and specialized resources consist of:

  • More than 12,000 book titles in a highly focused collection, specifically tailored to our College’s curriculum needs;
  • More than 20 art and general education-related print magazines and journals, archived for five years;
  • More than 2.5 million high-resolution images of Art and Design through the ArtStor Database;
  • More than 700 carefully selected curriculum-supporting animated and feature film DVDs;
  • Access to 28 excellent full text databases for all majors;
  • A reserve area of classroom textbooks.


The acquisitions of our Library Collection are primarily based on feedback from faculty and students to support the current curriculum. Our knowledgeable staff is happy to help you locate information and provide services you may need to complete your assignments both on campus and online. Our facilities offer a variety of seating areas for individual or group work. We also have wireless access to accommodate laptop use.   

The student portal offers 24/7 access to the Library catalog, subscription databases, digital images, and hundreds of helpful web links.

Other resources include instructional library usage tutorials, writing and research tips, citation/bibliography guides in various styles, grammar guidelines, and important information regarding copyright laws and plagiarism.

Student Learning Center

The Student Learning Center is a professionally certified, student-oriented academic support resource that offers Academic Mentoring and tutoring support for all online and campus courses. Trained peer tutors are available for both walk-in and scheduled appointments at the SLC or online through screen share. The SLC assists students with writing, math, studio classes, academic success strategies (note-taking strategies, time management, etc.), and software (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.). The SLC also helps coordinate the Academic Success Plan (ASP). There is no charge to RMCAD students for any of the services. The SLC is located in the Triboro building and online.

In addition, students can take advantage of LinkedIn Learning, a subscription site providing thousands of computer program tutorials on everything from Microsoft Word and Google Mail to Adobe InDesign and DreamWeaver—and much more. Tutorials are available 24 hours a day.

RMCADGO/TECHBAR/Technology Support

Students have access to multiple methods of technology support.

All students enrolled in online courses are assigned the RMCADGO support network. RMCADGO supports RMCAD’s learning management system (LMS), as well as providing support for laptops and front-end applications. They can be contacted by calling 888-RMCADGO (888.762.2346), or by email at RMCADGO@rmcad.edu.

Students enrolled in on-ground classes can utilize the TECHBAR for all non-Learning Management System (LMS) issues. The TECHBAR is designed to be the first point of contact for on-ground students requiring technical assistance with digital technology, software questions, wireless connectivity, email, student portal access, printing and any other technical needs. The TECHBAR is staffed during campus hours. Technical support is available by calling 303.225.8529, by email at TECHBAR@rmcad.edu or on the web at: support.rmcad.edu.

The TECHBAR also provides items such as digital cameras and digital video cameras on loan for on-campus student checkout on a first-come, first-served basis and does not offer reservations. A current student ID must be shown, students must not have fines greater than $30.00 and their account must also be in good standing. Fines are incurred for items turned in late.

Technology Policies + Procedures

The following technology policies are to be followed by ALL students, faculty, staff, alumni, and guests of RMCAD. You will be held accountable for following these policies, so it is important that you read and understand our policies regarding technology.

Emergency Notification

All campus emergency notifications are sent via SMS Text, Mobile-App notification, email, broadcasted over the phone system, and displayed on lab computer screens across the campus.

Students and Faculty may have text messages sent to their cell phone by requesting the service feature with a “Yes,” or “Y,” sent to the number 67587. You can update your emergency contact information by updating your mobile phone number inside of the student portal. To do this Navigate through the sidebar menu using: MY PROFILE > MY INFORMATION > and then click “Request Change” in the lower right corner of the window.

Computer Labs

There are many computers on campus for student use. If you encounter a class in session, please ask the instructor if you may work on a vacant workstation without disturbing the class. It is up to the instructor to allow you to work. Please respect the instructor’s wishes. Students are welcome to use the labs with some recommendations and restrictions.

  • Shore Annex: Recommended for Illustration and Fine Arts Majors (Mac)
  • Rude Garden Level: Recommended for Photography Majors (Mac)
  • Rude Overflow Lab (RD003): No Restrictions.
  • Animation Lab (TX006, TX004): Recommended for Animation Students (Windows)
  • Game Art Lab (TX107): Recommended for Game Art Students (Windows)
  • Interior Design Lab (TX108): Recommended for Interior Design Students (Windows)
  • Sewing Lab (TX104): Restricted to Fashion Design Majors
  • Graphic Design Labs (TX204, TX205, TX222, TX223): Recommended for Graphic Design Majors (Mac) and Foundations students
  • CAD lab (TX112) Restricted to Interior Design Majors 
  • Epic Cintiq lab (Epic205): Recommended for Illustration, Graphic Design, Fine Arts and Art Ed Majors (Mac)

Personal projects or belongings are collected from labs at the end of each week and either discarded or placed in “Lost and Found” located at the Campus Resource Center.

Computer Lab Files

You are encouraged to always make a personal backup of your work onto an external hard drive of your own purchase.

We also encourage that you utilize the campus Google Drive service as well via your RMCAD Gmail.

All classroom computers wipe data stored on the desktop and other folders upon computer restart. Students must ensure they safely copy files to an external resource to avoid losing any and all generated content.

Computer Lab Software

Some software is specific to course work. This includes animation software and AutoCAD software. Many classrooms are specifically designed to serve courses in each major, thus you may expect courses you will be scheduled in will be outfitted with the necessary elements for your courses. Please see the TECHBAR for details.

Installing software OF ANY KIND is strictly prohibited as is un-installing existing software on Lab machines.

RMCAD does not permit booting a machine using any personal media from cd, to usb device, or external hard drive.

Fonts are the property of the College. Do not copy fonts. Do not add fonts from home to a RMCAD workstation.

Using school equipment for gaming, online gaming and questionable entertainment use is strictly prohibited. (Exceptions will include curriculum-based game design classes, school-approved LAN parties, and gaming events approved by RMCAD IT Admin staff.)

Do not attempt to access secure areas of RMCAD’s information network.

Viewing content deemed offensive and which falls under RMCAD policy or local, state, or federal law as harassing or discriminatory to others is prohibited at RMCAD.

Data on Windows computers is cleared when the machines are turned off. Data on Macs is cleared weekly.

Computer Lab + Campus Guidelines

Lab computer equipment is not to be modified. Do not unplug or change hardware in any way. This includes but is not limited to: power cables, monitor cables, keyboards, mice, network cables, speakers, and scanners. Do not remove chairs from labs.

Food and Drinks are not allowed inside of computer labs except on designated tables.

Computer labs and key areas of campus are under monitored and recorded surveillance. RMCAD reserves the right to approve or deny sharing of any recorded surveillance data.

The acquisition, downloading, and illegal viewing of copyrighted material/content (i.e. illegally streaming movies, video, BitTorrent, etc.) using any RMCAD resources is prohibited. Violators will be subject to punitive action, up to, and including expulsion.

Equipment Checkout

The TECHBAR offers many digital devices for on-campus student checkout, including digital video cameras, digital SLRs, audio recording devices, lighting kits, tripods and more. Game Art and Photography equipment is only checked out to select students with appropriate department head, or department chair approval.

Students must have a Student ID and current term TECHBAR sticker and have less than $30 in late fines from the TECHBAR. By checking out any device, students assume replacement/repair costs if the device is damaged, lost, stolen or missing any components. Items that are not returned within 15 days after their due date will incur a full retail replacement charge plus a service fee. Fines are $5 dollars a day each day beyond checkout duration.
The TECHBAR does not offer equipment reservation as a service, equipment is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Alumni actively enrolled in the RMCAD Renew Program are eligible to check out TECHBAR equipment with a RMCAD Alumni ID.


Printers are located throughout the campus and computer labs; maps are located at each printer as well as within RMCAD’s Mobile application. RMCAD provided printing is considered an “at cost” printing solution. Initially all students are given $1.00 for printing.

Printing allotments carry over to the next semester. Additional money for printing can be added at the SPECTRUM Supply Store.

Students are required to enter a username and password to print.

RMCAD does not currently support color accuracy for color printing on any of the printers offered on campus. Please take this into account when designing and preparing final projects. At the end of the term printing gets very heavy and Murphy’s Law takes effect. Allow time to use a service bureau like OfficeMax or Kinko’s as a backup for final output.

The TECHBAR offers 42” wide-format color printing and 36” wide-format color printing on Canvas. We require 72 business hours for all orders. Rush orders are not accepted. Students may pick up a printing form at the TECHBAR.

The TECHBAR offers 3D Printing services. We require 7 business days for all orders. Models are reviewed to meet 3D printing standards and are accepted/rejected based on said standards. Rush orders are not accepted. Students may pick up a 3D Printing form at the TECHBAR.

Holodeck Sound Recording and VR Studio and Studio 1 & 2 Spaces:

The Holodeck Sound Recording and VR Studio and Studio 1 & 2 Spaces are specialized studio spaces that can only be utilized by making an appointment through TECHBAR. Keep in mind that some of these spaces are reserved in advance for scheduled class sessions per term. Students who wish to use either location outside of scheduled classes must complete the TECHBAR’s training requirements.


Student and faculty use of laptops is encouraged with the following guidelines:

  • All laptops must include current antivirus software and/or current security software updates to access RMCAD’s network.
  • Laptops may be used in labs but not at computer workstations during class time. Some classrooms have appropriate provisions for their use.
  • Students may not use equipment or cables from a lab workstation for their laptops.
  • The TECHBAR can answer questions regarding proper laptop etiquette.
  • RMCAD is not responsible for the theft, loss or damage to personal equipment. Do not leave laptops or other possessions unattended. We recommend purchasing anti-theft / recovery software to protect your investments.
Wireless Internet:

The entire campus is setup with Wi-Fi or Wireless Access. Students and Faculty who own a laptop can visit the TECHBAR to get configured to access the wireless network.

Alumni, Family, Friends + Co-Workers Usage:

Alumni Association members have limited access to computers when not enrolled in the Renew Program. Contact Alumni Services for details: 303.225.8569.

Family, friends and non-RMCAD co-workers are not authorized to use school equipment. Visitors and Students may be asked to show a valid student ID at any time.


Failure to follow the RMCAD technology policies and procedures outlined above will result in fines and disciplinary action as defined in the RMCAD catalog, Employee Handbook and school policies. Software, hardware, or equipment theft is enforced by RMCAD, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department and the Lakewood Police Department.



Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design maintains five gallery spaces on campus, which provide the continuous display of diverse artworks. These exhibition spaces are open to RMCAD students, the regional art community, and the general public. Our exhibits provide a venue for guests to learn about contemporary art and design through firsthand experience, and as publicly open spaces, the gallery’s exhibitions bridge the gap between the RMCAD community and the public. No admission is charged, and group tours are available if arranged in advance by contacting the Gallery Director or Campus Preparator. Gallery hours are Monday – Friday, 11 – 4 pm, except on major holidays and during school breaks. Hours during the summer term are subject to change - please phone ahead to confirm. 

The Philip J. Steele Gallery is located in the historic Mary Harris Auditorium Building on the east end of RMCAD’s campus. The gallery’s mission is to enhance RMCAD’s position as a place for current dialogues, using contemporary art and design as a vehicle for critical discourse. The Philip J. Steele Gallery presents exhibitions of challenging, educational, and historically significant art. Gallery talks often supplement the exhibitions by giving the public and the RMCAD community an in-depth look at the process and philosophy behind the work. By providing direct connection to original artworks and focusing on relevant contemporary artists and designers and their work, the exhibitions enliven the visual environment on campus and foster a culture of experimentation and change.

The Radiance Gallery is located in the Texas building across from the elevator and exhibits the work of alumni winners of the RMCAD Radiance Award. The award celebrates and recognizes accomplished alumni that have made significant contributions to the creative industry. These inspirational honorees exemplify professional excellence in their field and a commitment to RMCAD’s philosophy of lifelong learning in the arts.

The Rotunda Gallery is located on the east end of campus in the Health and Wellness building and focuses on showing student, faculty, and visiting artist work.  

The Rude Gallery is located at the top of the stairs in the Rude building. This intimate gallery showcases student installations as well as works from faculty and regional artists.

Students are encouraged to apply for exhibition space in the RMCAD Student Gallery which is located in the EPiC building on the east end of campus. To apply, email a proposal to the Gallery Department (pjsgallery@rmcad.edu) with the subject Student Gallery Exhibition Proposal, and gallery staff will contact you with further questions. Exhibitions in the Student Gallery are dependent on scheduling and merit. Contact pjsgallery@rmcad.edu for a link to the Student Gallery Exhibition Guidelines. The Gallery Director and Campus Preparator are also available to provide additional information about any of the College’s gallery spaces or to answer questions.

In addition to exhibitions in our Student Gallery, students have the opportunity to display their work on campus temporarily for critiques. Students must apply to display work in public spaces on campus by reviewing the Student Display Application Policies + Procedures and completing the Student Display Application Form located in the RMCAD Portal. Installation in a public space is not permitted until the Student Display Committee approves your proposal. Public spaces include outdoor areas, hallways, administrative spaces, and/or any other space that is not a designated critique space. Approvals may take up to one week. Be sure to coordinate your efforts to meet classroom deadlines. Designated critique space in hallways may be used for temporary display without Student Display Committee approval if the artwork complies with building and fire code, Americans with Disabilities Act, and student handbook codes. Always check with your faculty first before installing in a designated critique space to verify locations and proper use. Stairwells and elevators may not be used for displaying due to risk of injury. 

Graduation Exhibitions

Each term, all on-campus students graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree have the opportunity to participate in an on-campus exhibit. This group exhibition is open to all of the college’s program departments. The Graduation Exhibition is a college tradition and a privilege that brings all students, faculty, staff, and community together for a celebration of the talent and hard work of the students graduating with a BFA.

The graduation exhibition opens with a reception that is free and open to the public. The exhibition is open to the public for approximately two weeks. Gallery hours are Monday through Friday from 11am – 4pm (summer hours may vary, please check rmcad.edu/exhibitions for the most updated information).

Students must attend the Mandatory Graduation meeting that is scheduled for the 2nd week of their graduating session and turn in all paperwork by assigned deadlines to participate. Please contact the Gallery Director/Coordinator or your Department Chair for the BFA Graduation Exhibition Handbook and/or additional information.

The Annual Student Exhibition

The Annual Student Exhibition brings all students, faculty, staff, and departments together once a year for a celebration of the talent and hard work of our students. The Annual Student Exhibition is a College tradition that has taken place since the College was founded in 1963.

All students who are enrolled are eligible and strongly encouraged to submit work. It is our largest exhibition of the year, consisting of work representing a wide diversity of media, content, and scale.

The exhibition is a juried competition; student work is juried in categories against other work of the same level. Department Chairs with their respective faculty identify a panel of jurors and select the Best of Department Awards. Professionals working in the field who are not immediately affiliated with the College select the Gold, Silver, and Bronze Award winners. After the work is selected, the gallery staff curates the exhibit within the space.

Information about the process to participate in the exhibition is emailed to the Student Body through the Philip J. Steele Gallery (pjsgallery@rmcad.edu). Please keep an eye on your inbox for details.


Spivak Student Studios

The Spivak Studio building is a creative center at the heart of Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design. A longtime tradition of the college, this building serves as a studio space and gallery for Spivakians- the loving nickname dubbed to our student resident artists. Each studio can allow 1 to 3 students and is an amazing chance to create alongside peers, have studio visits with professional artists, and develop a strong studio and gallery practice.

Each semester, an application is sent out requiring an artist statement, portfolio of work, a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 with preference given to those with 3.0 or higher, and a minimum of 45 completed credit hours with preference given to those with 60 completed credit hours or higher. This is a competitive process, and students of all majors are encouraged to apply for this privilege. Please contact the Studio Manager at spivacmanagement@rmcad.edu with any inquiries.

The RMCAD Student Expression Wall

To be bestowed annually upon the incoming spring class, the Expression Wall serves as a perpetual collaborative art piece for the student body. Each spring, summer, and fall, students may create works of art on the wall, which will be photo documented as testament to their time at the college. Then, each spring the wall will be painted white once more, in a symbolic passing from upperclassmen to the new incoming students.

Students must adhere to the RMCAD Student Code of Conduct and respect the work of fellow students. Material must be non-toxic and environmentally safe. Work must be two-dimensional and rest flat against the surface of the Expression Wall. The RMCAD Student Expression Wall may not be damaged or dismantled.

Spectrum: The On-Campus Store

The on-campus store, Spectrum, carries the majority of supplies necessary for classes and fuel to keep you going. Spectrum offers convenient purchasing as a one-stop-shop, with a small selection of food and beverages, in addition to having competitive prices for the majority of necessary art and design supplies. RMCAD apparel and other RMCAD products, such as water bottles, ear buds, sketchbooks, and portfolio cases are available. We also have an online store for our online community. Please visit us at https://spectrum-the-rmcad-store.shoplightspeed.com/ to order official RMCAD merchandise to show your school spirit!

Spectrum’s knowledgeable team will gladly assist students with any questions regarding art supplies. Some art supply items not carried in the store may be special ordered. A 75% deposit is required for all special orders. The Spectrum team takes into consideration frequently requested items and may begin to carry an item based on such requests. Please fill out this form to let us know about the items you would like to be considered for store inventory: http://tinyurl.com/jx3bsxm

Please keep in mind, not all items carried in the store are visible; simply ask store associates if there is an item that cannot be found. Additional print account funds and large format prints can be paid for at Spectrum.

Spectrum accepts the following forms of payment: cash; personal checks from enrolled students in good standing; MasterCard, Visa, Discover or American Express; and Apple Pay. Prepaid Student Store Accounts are also available. For details, contact the Spectrum staff. They can set up your pre-paid account today! Questions about prepaid accounts can be directed to spectrum@rmcad.edu

Most supplies required for the first day of class can be found at Spectrum. Instructors will inform students of additional materials needed for projects or assignments and labs. The hours of operation are posted on the doors of Spectrum. Spectrum is in the Texas building.

Merchandise purchased at Spectrum: A one-week return period applies for clothing and other non-course related merchandise. A full refund will be given in original form of payment if supplies are returned with the original detailed receipt within 30 days. No refunds without a receipt. Merchandise must be in original condition – original package unopened, if applicable. Spectrum reserves the right to decline returns on items that do not have seals or are not easily discernible if the product has been used. We currently do not accept returns on web store purchased items.

All students are responsible to purchase required textbooks for their applicable courses.

THE MINE: Student Supply Banks

Food Bank
The College operates a food bank for all enrolled students. Students may select up to 5 items a week. Food items are free, and the service is confidential. Students must provide their student ID number and a list of the items they have selected before leaving THE MINE. Students needing access to the Food Bank should see the Director of Student Life (303-753-6046 ext. 22050).

Supply Bank
The college operates a supply bank for enrolled students. Students may exchange art supplies and materials for projects and assignments. Art supplies and materials are free and confidential. Students must provide their student ID number and a list of the items they have selected before leaving THE MINE. Students needing access to the Supply Bank should see the Director of Student Life (303-753-6046 ext 22050).


The RMCAD FabLab provides shop environments where the curious and creative fabricate mischievous projects. We transform the conceptual into the physical by exploring technological, contemporary, and traditional means of fabricating art + design. It is essential that students, faculty, and staff take an active part in preventive measures to control hazards associated with activities under their direction. Use of the FabLab is open to students currently enrolled in RMCAD classes during class times and posted open hours. Violation of the policies included in the FabLab Handbook or Student Handbook may result in the loss of shop access at the discretion of the Chair of Foundations + Fine Arts and Dean of Students.