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2020-2021 Academic Catalog 
2020-2021 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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Illustration Mission

The mission of the Illustration Department is to prepare students who are passionate about drawing, painting, and storytelling for successful careers in Illustration.

Illustration Program Description

Our graduates make images for a wide range of commercial and social purposes, including entertainment arts, publishing, fine art, and product design. Under the guidance of our professional artist faculty, each student develops a strong understanding of composition, gains excellent technical ability in both traditional and emerging media, and learns to tell compelling stories in creative ways.

The Illustration Curriculum and Faculty emphasize the following:

  • Fundamental drawing mastery that combines observation and imagination to construct expressive images.
  • High-level technical mastery of a range of media through experimentation & practice.
  • Exceptional understanding and usage of visual language and compositional theory to compose dynamic illustrations.
  • Highly effective communication and innovative storytelling.
  • Development of unique visual style and a high standard of professionalism.

The Illustration Department offers a general degree in Illustration, two concentration degrees, and one emphasis degree. Each concentration gives students an opportunity to focus their elective choices and portfolio by taking two courses in Sequential Art (i.e. Comic Books & Graphic Novels) or Children’s Book Illustration. The emphasis degree in Concept Art prepares students to work as concept artists who design characters and environments for video games, animation studios, and the film industry.

Our degrees prepare students to produce work for a host of businesses whose needs depend on imaginative visual thinkers. These include advertising & design agencies, magazine and book publishers, comic book studios, animation & game studios, greeting card companies, medical illustration firms, and toy manufacturers. With a well-prepared portfolio and commitment to the profession, RMCAD graduates are well qualified for a variety of career opportunities.

Program Outcomes

Illustration Program Learning Outcome Rubric  

Students demonstrate an understanding of and proficiency in professional practice.

Students demonstrate a strong use and proficiency in media skills and digital skills.

Students demonstrate a strong use and proficiency in drawing skills as well as the use of value and color.

Students demonstrate a strong use and proficiency in composition theory.

Students demonstrate a strong use and proficiency in critical thinking.

Students demonstrate a strong use and proficiency in storytelling + communication.

Students demonstrate a strong sense of personal style.

Illustration Online

The online BFA degrees in Illustration are designed for students needing remote access to the educational requirements for careers in Illustration and related industries.  The degree requirements, total credit hours, and 8-week format match the Illustration degree offered on campus.

The degrees consist of 123 credit hours with courses delivered in 8-week sessions in regulated sequence to allow for the acquisition of necessary skills; the retention and transfer of knowledge; and the professional discipline necessary for entry-level practice.

Students must officially declare concentrations or emphases in order for them to be indicated on the permanent student record.

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