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2020-2021 Academic Catalog 
2020-2021 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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AE 4934 - Student Teaching Seminar Part II

Credits: 1

This capstone, culminating course is taken concurrently with the student teaching courses AE 4255  and AE 4265 . Student teachers share experiences, challenges, celebrations, concerns, and strategies from their student teaching assignments. The course content is based on real-life, ethnographic experiences and events that impact philosophy, theory, and practice. Other seminar objectives include career opportunities, interview strategies, resume critique, advising on the students’ action research project that culminates in a Teacher Work Sample document, and portfolio assessment. Proficiencies are determined by quantity of participation and quality of shared insights, observable application of discussions and solutions, and the demonstration of knowledge, skills, and strategies that make up the content of all art education and education coursework.

Corequisites: AE 4000 - Art Education Senior Portfolio Review ; and AE 4255 - Student Teaching: Elementary  or AE 4265 - Student Teaching: Secondary  

Notes: (Formerly AE 4935 Student Teaching Seminar)

Course Learning Outcomes:
  • Students demonstrate confidence in the content they are teaching in their first Student Teacher Placement.
  • Students support safe, inclusive and respectful learning environments established at their first Student Teaching Placement.
  • Students design and deliver effective instruction, while supporting an environment that facilitates learning for K-12 students at their first Student Teaching Placement.
  • Students model professionalism through ethical conduct, reflection, and leadership at their first Student Teacher Placement.

AE 4934 Course Learning Outcome Rubric  

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