Jun 21, 2024  
2024-2025 Academic Catalog 
2024-2025 Academic Catalog

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Game Art

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Game Art Department Mission

Video games are one of the fastest growing industries in this age of immersive entertainment and media. From Serious Games that can be utilized for training and education to Generation 4 entertainment, the Game Art program at RMCAD seeks to prepare students for entry into this diverse industry as creators with the vision and adaptability to temper the technical with artistic innovation.

Game Art Program Description

Game Art coursework focuses on utilizing the student’s vision to create something new, different, and unique—without catering to the limitations of programming. At RMCAD, art drives technology. Students are introduced to the industry at each level of production; from storyboarding and concept art to modeling, digital sculpting, and animation/motion capture.

The BFA in Game Art builds upon the foundational disciplines of 3D Animation and allows students to take their ideas from the conceptual to the tangible in a mainstream game engine. With a focus on cooperation and collaboration, students are encouraged to work with peers from a variety of other degree programs to create works that are comprehensive, complete, and professional.

With budgets for triple-A games often surpassing those of feature films, it is not enough to have a game that simply works—it must be rich in story and able to engage the audience for hours at a time. It is with this in mind that the curriculum is built on a foundation of effective and engaging narrative.

While many students look to join a studio with an emphasis on entertainment production, others find fulfillment in founding independent studios or utilizing game engines for cutting-edge development in training, education, product fabrication, and scientific discovery. With such evolutionary tools, every idea is an opportunity.

Program Outcomes

Game Art Program Learning Outcome Rubric  

TECHNICAL: Demonstrate understanding of software, hardware, and use of materials, sound studio, editing systems, and other peripheral devices and tools used in animation production.

FOUNDATIONAL: Demonstrate strong drawing, composition, anatomy, color, and perspective skills.

CREATIVE: Demonstrate artistry, unique voice, conceptualization, and process including thumbnails, comps, and character designs.

PROFESSIONAL: Demonstrate strong work ethic, punctuality, cooperative attitude, communication skills, time management, organizational skills, and personal initiative.

GROWTH: Demonstrate ability to assess and critique own work, acquire increasingly advanced concepts and production skills with a strong focus on goals, and learn independently.

CRITICAL: Demonstrate critical + analytical thinking and problem-solving abilities related to technical prowess, fundamental animation principles, and storytelling skills. Demonstrate effective application of critique.

COLLABORATION: Demonstrate cooperative attitude in class discussions, collective projects, and communications with other students and instructors.

STORY: Demonstrate understanding of narrative + visual storytelling fundamentals, cinematic form, and coherent delivery.

ANIMATION: Demonstrate a thorough knowledge of animation fundamentals and believability in motion, timing, and structure.

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