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2020-2021 Academic Catalog 
2020-2021 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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AH 2080 - History of Photography

Credits: 3

This course explores the history of photography from its beginnings in the 1830s to current developments in photographic practice. Lectures and readings examine major schools of photography (i.e. pictorialism, formalism, straight photography), as well as technological developments and photographic processes which expand the possibilities of the medium. Photography blurs the boundaries between art, science, and document; challenges our conception of reality; and raises questions about authenticity and artistic merit. The goal of this course is to develop a better understanding of the complex history of photography, its diversity of social functions, its effect on our modern vision of the world, and to address the theoretical questions inherent to this modern medium. Upon successful completion of this course, students possess a deeper understanding of the history of photography. Furthermore, students will conduct research and write knowledgeably on topics from the history of photography.

Prerequisites: AH 1110 - Art Historical Methods + History  

Notes: Offered online only.

Course Learning Outcomes:
  • Demonstrate critical thinking skills, defined as the capacity to challenge assumptions, contextualize information, identify problems, and conceptualize responses.
  • Demonstrate writing skills, which encompasses thesis statement, organization, conclusion, grammar, syntax, and spelling, and adheres to CMS formatting.
  • Identify and define the elements and principles of design as well as the various types of media found within photography.
  • Understand the technology, historical context and stylistic movements within the history of photography.
  • Understand the tenets of art criticism, theory, and methodologies.

AH 2080 Course Learning Outcome Rubric  

Required Textbooks:
A World History of Photography Fifth Edition by Naomi Rosenblum  ISBN-13: 978-0789213433


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